Valve Amp Service Dublin

Sound Factory

In order to maintain top performance and to prevent major faults from happening when you need them most, valve guitar amps need to be serviced. Whether you're onstage in a Dublin pub or playing the mainstage at a major festival every musician needs an amp they can rely on. Due to the constant high temperatures, high voltages, and vibrations inside amps, valves and components often go out of spec. Pots can get noisy,  solder joints can crack or dry up,  jack sockets and valve bases can become oxidized. This can badly affect guitar amp tone causing hum, hiss, microphonic problems and if left  unchecked  can result in even worse problems. Visit our Dublin amp repair workshop for a full valve amp service.

Cleaning of all pots and connections

Cleaning of valve bases

Testing of all valves with a Tube Tester  

Re-soldering dry and broken solder joints

Examination of all components

Bias checked

Cleaning of chassis

Safety testing


A full service consists of;

2 Ampeg SVT  Valve Heads being serviced

Vintage Fender Silver Face

Twin Reverb full service

   Vintage point to point

Hand-Wired Valve Amp service

Mesa Boogie Road King,

 Solo Head, and DC-5

Marshall Service

Service Marshall Amp service Valve Amp Repair Amp Repair Service Mesa Boogie