We custom hand build all our boutique valve amps and cabinets in Dublin using only the finest materials and the highest quality components. Each Irish made tube amplifier is hand wired point to point using turret boards  and all components are hand tested  to ensure maximum  tone, quality and reliability. Our guitar amplifiers are made from all valve circuitry, no transistors or op-amps are used. Our speaker cabinets are finger jointed for  maximum strength and made from baltic birch for depth and punch or solid pine for  that resonant "tweed" tone.

Custom Amps & Cabs

DSCF2651 Guitar cab crop DSCF2767 DSCF3030 crop

Vintage quality  with modern design is our .philosophy.  Our tube amp designs range from single channel pure tone  machines to high gain channel changing beasts. All finishings are optional  and  we have a vast range of tolex, vinyl and grill cloths to choose from allowing each amp  and cab  to have a unique custom look . Call out to our Dublin workshop to discuss amp design, tone and finishings.

Emerald 6l6 Bassman 45 DSCF3033crop 9 Watt Champ

We also make hand wired reproductions of classic  valve guitar amplifiers from the 50s, 60s, 70, and 80s including Marshall, Fender, Vox , Hiwatt and more.


Dublin, Ireland