Amp Modifications Dublin

Sound Factory

Aside from offering full guitar amp repair and servicing in our Dublin repair lab we also perform a huge range of modifications and custom work on amps. Amp mods and upgrades can really alter and enhance tone. Valve amps can be customized to meet your personal needs be it sweeter tone, lower/higher gain, channel changing, power scaling etc.. All brands and models can be modified and if you have any special requests not on the list just contact us in our Dublin amp repair workshop and we'll let you know what's possible.

Common Amp Mods;

Component upgrade;

High gain;

Less gain;

Half Power Switching;

Power Scaling;

Bias Pot Mod;

FX Loop Mod;

Channel switching;

Custom cabinets;

Reverb Mod;

Master Volume;

Fender Mods;





Marshall Mods;


Replacement of key components for superior tone

Circuit mods to increase gain and distortion

Cleaner tone at high volumes

Triode/Pentode mode changing switch

Fitting attenuator control

Fitting internal bias pot with test point

Parallel or serial effects loops fitted

Creating extra channels with foot switching

Conversion from combo to head and vice versa

Fitting all valve spring reverb to non-reverb amps

Pre or post phase inverter master volume pot

Silverface to Blackface conversions,

Hotrod Champ Mod

Deluxe 5e3 Clean Mod

Twin Reverb, reverb bridging and pre-amp mods

General pre-amp mods for tone and gain

6550 to El 34 valve conversion and vice versa

6l6 or 5881valve conversion

Presence and depth mods

Tone and gain mods

Extra channel mods

Extra valves added for higher gain